5 Apps To Organise Your Life

5 Apps To Organise Your Life

Your life is hectic no matter what stage it’s in. You can be a student, parent, entrepreneur, CEO, or retiree keeping a busy social calendar. Fortunately, smartphone apps make it easy to manage your life, if you choose the right ones.

Good apps should be intuitive and easy to use. Most apps on the market offer a free trial or a free version with limited functionalities, so test each app to your heart’s content before settling on one. Here are 5 apps to get you started.


When it comes to organising your life, it doesn’t get better than Evernote. After all, Evernote’s tagline is “Remember everything.” Its free version is so robust that you might not feel the need to upgrade to the premium version.

You can literally throw anything in Evernote, from music, pictures, text, screenshots, travel reservations, your next bestseller, and so much more. It syncs across multiple devices and is easy to use. If you can write an email, you can use Evernote.

But Evernote’s true power comes from its ability to search and tag. Tagging items makes it much easier to find them later. You can use up to 100,000 tags per account, which should satisfy even the heaviest users.


What’s organising without a calendar? If you want a prettier calendar than what comes standard with your Android or iPhone, here’s Cal to your rescue. It’s mostly useful for keeping your day-to-day life organised, but not so much weekly or monthly.


The free version leaves something to be desired, but it’s still a robust app. It’s great for keeping lists of to-dos in a well-organised manner, using folders and subfolders.

Runner-up: Wunderlist, which boasts a prettier interface but does not support folders.


If your financial life is in shambles, you can start small to rectify it. Shoeboxed will take your receipts, bills, business cards, and other documents and sort them into an online account. This makes expense reports and tax preparations a breeze.

Depending on your plan ranging from free (5 documents a month) to executive (1000 documents a month), you can mail in your paper receipts or submit them digitally. Because of the pricing, this app is more suitable for heavy business users.


It seems that everything requires a password these days. Your email accounts, bank accounts, PayPal accounts, Amazon, just to name a few. While any combination of 1111, 1234, 7777, YourDog’sName might have been satisfactory in the past, password requirements have gotten more complex in the recent years.

You are asked to have at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character for a password that’s at least 8 characters long. You repeat this multiple times and you’re bound to forget a few of them.

That’s where LastPass comes in. LastPass stores all your passwords in one central location. That location itself is password-protected, so you only need to remember that one password. It’s like a master key that can open all the other doors.

With LastPass, you can use convoluted passwords like #d24sa1!@ as your log-in credential on different websites and not be bothered to remember them. It’s free with limited features; the premium version allows unlimited mobile sync.

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