Why You Should Consider Teaching English Abroad

Why You Should Consider Teaching English Abroad

Perhaps you’re just coming out of high school or college and aren’t sure what the next stage of your life should be, but running out to get a 9 to 5 doesn’t sound too thrilling. Maybe you’re at a crossroads in life and craving some adventure. Whatever the reason, there’s an avenue that can take you both out of the country and your personal comfort zone: teaching English abroad. Usually teaching younger children, but don’t be surprised if adults want to practice, too. Sound interesting? You could find an exciting opportunity teaching English overseas if you:

Have an innate love for teaching
Helping children to gain a better grasp of English will be your main goal in your new country. If you find enjoyment in instructing and explaining things, you may have the makings of a great teacher, even if all of your experience in a classroom has been as a student. Some countries ask their teachers to have a bachelors degree in any discipline or an English teaching certificate that can be acquired in a few months. Check with the country you’re interested in for more details on teacher requirements.

Enjoy travelling
Some don’t like having their daily routine completely upended. Then again, some people live for it. If you’re so far into the latter category that you keep a packed suitcase in your closet, then you’re really in for an experience as you’ll not only be visiting a new country, you’ll officially be living there.

Want an in-depth look into a new culture
Pictures, books, movies, and even briefly visiting a country can give you a glimpse of its culture, but having the chance to spend some extended time there will really open your eyes. You’ll begin seeing things about the culture and yourself that you never noticed before.

Want to build multinational friendships and contacts
Often times the friends that you make while teaching overseas can be friendships for life. And the Internet makes it easy to keep up with those friends even if you return home or teach in yet another country.

Need something extra on your resume
Since not everyone makes the decision to teach overseas, it tends to stand out on a resume and comes up often in interviews. If you can relay a story of how well you worked with children in a different language, a future employer may well imagine how great you’ll get along with their own coworkers.

Want some stories to tell
Stories beginning with, “One day when I was teaching overseas…” somehow sound more intriguing than, “One time when I was hanging out in the kitchen…” Being in a new location seems to invite new and exciting experiences that you can’t wait to share.

Still interested? Start by checking more into the country you’re interested in teaching in and their teaching requirements. While you’re gaining the necessary skills, you can learn more about the country you have in mind and really ask yourself if teaching abroad is what you want to do. If so, then pack your bags, future teacher. The classroom, and adventure, await you.

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